Artist’s impression, indicative only: Mulpha’s Preliminary vision for Mount Taurus
Developing a preliminary vision for Mount Taurus, Menangle
Pioneering residential living integrated with employment and education based in a lifestyle connected to agriculture, biodiversity and abundant green open space.
Mulpha is developing a vision for a new community on a significant parcel of land at 65 Woodbridge Road, Menangle - Mount Taurus. Our aspiration is to integrate a community that recognises and preserves Mount Taurus as a site positively caught in time; meticulously balancing rural lifestyle and growth with sensitivity and respect.

We are committed to developing a vision for Mount Taurus that will meet the needs of the whole Menangle community now and for generations to come. The feedback gathered through our recent consultation with the community will help us continue to evolve our vision, to ensure it responds to needs now and into the future. Please click here to access our Community Consultation report.

Update from the Mt Taurus project team

Our project team thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the Menangle community at the end of 2021. We listened to all the feedback we heard via the survey, emails, phone calls and webinars. Since then we have been working hard to incorporate your values and considerations into our revised plans.

We had aspired to be back engaging with you again in February this year (2022), however our work finalising the planning proposal is taking longer than we expected. The project team is looking forward to engaging with you when our planning proposal is ready which we hope will be in the coming months.

Session 1

Menangle Community

Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 5:30 pm.

No longer available

Session 2

Residents and staff Durham Green Retirement Community

Thursday, 14 October 2021 at 10:30 am.

No longer available


Mulpha creates communities that are founded on wellness, focused on community needs and respect and maintain the natural environment, history and local character.

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Our vision is to  maintain substantial open green space, embed sustainable living, deliver social, educational and agricultural infrastructure and create local jobs.

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